About Me

Welcome Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Mike Ridley. While my day job is that of an accountant, my true passion is sports statistics and writing (hence the name, “Sports Accountant”). I figured all good blogs and/or writing personalities had to have decent nicknames that made sense and since Sports Guy was already taken (thanks Bill Simmons!) I had to settle for this. So if you’ve never heard the name “Sports Accountant” before, that’s OK, because I just made it up.

Enough about that, let’s get down to business. You’re probably wondering why you should follow this wanna-be clown who’s too cheap to even buy his own domain name? Good question. I can claim that I am a staff writer for Football Outsiders and have been published on ESPN.com but all that would do is likely put you off because nobody likes a pretentious douche. The truth is, there isn’t much of a reason other than good faith and enjoying sarcastic humor mixed in with original stats and thinking along with minimal censorship (think Grantland).

My goal is to provide semi-regular posts that will hopefully give a new, interesting perspective on sports while also revealing to you who I am, little by little. As an accountant and somebody that has always gravitated towards numbers (yes, I was the nerdy kid who read the back of baseball cards), I’ll be trying to extract more information from the numbers than what the mass media presents. I won’t always do this successfully, but I’ll at least try.

I’ll do my best to remain unbiased during my writings. However, for full-disclosure I thought I should reveal the following:

  • I’m an unabashed fan of the Atlanta Braves and Dallas Cowboys
  • The NBA doesn’t matter until June
  • The Boise State Broncos have fielded the best non-SEC football team over the last four seasons (Shameless Self-Promotion Alert! You can also find my works on BoiseBarGuide.com)
  • And finally, golf is a hobby, not a sport.

If you want to get a hold of me, you can follow me on Twitter: @TheMikeRidley. I will do my absolute best to respond to every non-rhetorical question. To stop the inevitable questions before they come: Yes, I did graduate from college. No, I don’t sleep with my mother, nor will I. And yes, I have checked, my head is not currently shoved up my own ass.

Finally, please give me feedback, as harsh as it may be. I’m doing this so I can become a more polished writer and need all the help I can get. So whether you agree with my points, think I’m full of shit or are positive I suffered a seizure while writing an article, let me know.

Thanks and hopefully I won’t disappoint you (too much),

Mike Ridley

2 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Finally you wrote something I understood! I don’t always understand what you write, because I’m not at all into football, but I always LOVE the way you write it.

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